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Windward Way Recovery

Windward Way Recovery provides quality healthcare for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We achieve this goal by blending an innovative and unique approach to addiction treatment with the tried-and-true methods. We provide our clients with a sense of investment, ownership, structure, adventure, and empowerment to achieve the goal of long-term recovery. Our dual accreditation stands out above the rest as we exemplify valuable techniques and resources for all cases.

Upon intake at Windward Way Recovery, each client completes an assessment with our psychiatrist to determine how their medically supervised detox will proceed. Since many addiction types require a different regimen for treatment, our clients can rest assured that they will receive only kindness and compassion as they detoxify their bodies from drugs and/or alcohol.

The clinical team at Windward Way Recovery customizes each clients treatment plan from the top down- addressing addiction, trauma, grief, anger management, relapse prevention, body image, nutrition, budgeting, education and employment goals, spirituality, healthy relationships, interpersonal communication, and so much more.

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