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Sheridan Gardens

At Sheridan Gardens we help patients start their life in recovery by offering medically assisted detoxification and residential treatment. We have 24-hour onsite staff including support staff, medical assistants, therapists and daily visit by a physician. Working closely with each patient, we will develop a personalized and comprehensive aftercare plan so that every individual who comes through our doors has the greatest opportunity to achieve lasting sobriety.

From the moment our clients step foot on the stunning grounds at Sheridan Gardens Wellness they are placed in the highest level of care. Our team of experienced professionals and clinical specialists will evaluate every client to help build an individualized detox plan that fits our client’s needs. We specialize in managing withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable environment; from our evidence based treatment methods to our detox specific nutrition plans, Sheridan Gardens is the first step to recovery.

At Sheridan Wellness we provide individual attention to each client, so that our residents can feel begin to explore and remedy the turmoil that perpetuates alcoholism and addiction. Our garden setting is truly a refuge––a place where residents can be restored to their natural condition––happy, joyous and free.

Small residential program. 6-beds only. Less than mile from Pacific Ocean. One-on-one therapy.


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