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How to Find a Rehab Center

Addiction Network is an entirely free, comprehensive service designed to assist anyone seeking substance abuse and addiction treatment for themselves, or a loved one, the find the best rehab available. Our services are here to assist in providing every level of care and every different type of facility available in the industry. The site was designed to address the growing need to make addiction treatment options available to anyone. With so many people in America struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse, the founders of Addiction Network noticed that it was extremely difficult for the average person to easily access the various treatment options that are out there. This makes finding a rehab that works, for your specific needs, very difficult.


Many individuals start the process of looking for treatment only to find that it became confusing and complicated. With so many providers out there in various states and areas, the average person has a very hard time to easily access a large network of programs to find the one that best suits their needs. To address the issues of treatment availability we have created a solution. Through our vast association of providers and partners within the addiction treatment arena, we were able to create a seamless and easy way for people to get the help they need.


Our goal at Addiction Network is that anyone regardless of their background or treatment knowledge will be able to use our simple system to make the treatment search as seamless and comfortable as possible. We believe that everyone who wants and needs help should be able to get it quickly and easily using our client centered network. We have developed a way for programs across the nation to come together in a unified approach to present struggling individuals with a resource to create change in their lives.


To start the process of finding the best rehab center for you or your loved one, either use our treatment search function on the right hand side of the site, search by specific categories, of click on the state below that you would like to find treatment in and begin your journey of change.

Addiction Network is a comprehensive service that includes a diverse network of providers that offer all levels of care that an individual seeking treatment may require. Our partners and associated facilities are diverse and unique in ways that make the perfect fit for treatment possible. We have facilities that are spread across the country to make the distance to treatment as manageable as possible. Providers that specialize in all the various client demographics are listed on the website. There are facilities available that specialize in everything imaginable to accommodate your individual needs. Centers are available in the areas of Executive Treatment facilities, Luxury Rehabilitation Centers, Gender Specific Programs, Young Adult Programs, Adolescent Programs and LGBT friendly facilities. In addition to programs that treat a desired demographic our related facilities offer every level of care available as well. Regardless of what insurance or financial resources you have available to you we have programs in our network that provide the level of care you are looking for. We work with programs offering Medical Detox, Non-Medical Detox, Inpatient Services, Extended Care, Outpatient Services and Transitional Living.